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Moving Tips

Move boxes and smaller items to a central, ground-level location. We suggest the garage or main living room, both of which are usually easy to access for the crew.


  • Empty drawers (dressers, nightstands, desks, cabinet drawers, etc.)

  • Take leaves out of tables

  • Take glass shelves out of cabinets

  • Strip beds of sheets and bed skirts

  • Remove all loose items (top of dressers, tables, entertainment stands, bookcases, etc.)

  • As a rule of thumb, anything that can fit in a box should be in a box!


If you didn't used in the last year probably you don’t need it, Moving-out is a good time to simplifying your life style, have fun and don’t stress yourself about it .

For the safety and security of your belongings and our staff

You are responsible for the self-transport of the following items. Please secure these items before the movers arrive so they are out of the way.

  • Financial, legal, and identification documents, jewelry, medications, munitions, unlocked firearms, currency, perishables, liquids that are not factory sealed, hazardous materials and other valuables.

Have a plan for where everything is going

  • Color-code your boxes and corresponding rooms at destination. Every person’s handwriting is different and can sometimes be hard to read. Use colored labels or even Post-its (with extra tape) to label the top and side of each box. Put the same color label on or above each doorway at the destination. For example, if you place a green sticker or Post-it on every box in your kitchen, and a green sticker or Post-it over your kitchen door, it will make it easier for the crew to place the corresponding boxes in the correct room. This will minimize the time the crew spends trying to figure out where things go and will save you from finding kitchen boxes in the basement!

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